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About Me + Us

"All actual life is encounter." Martin Buber

Relationships have always fascinated me, in the observation as well as experiencing them, in their potential for happiness as well as for hurt. Since I can remember I did not only want to live in vibrant, joyful relationships but also to understand how relationships work... and what stops them from working, how connection happens... and when and why the connection breaks. This is Imago for me: a window through which a clarifying light falls onto exactly those places one needs to look at. To understand connections, to discover new perspectives, and a tool box that is more in value than its handy, practical parts, namely an attitude, a way of life, a practice of mindfulness and appreciation.

My husband Clemens and I have embarked on the path of our relationship journey  more than 23 years ago. Through our encounter with Imago, around 12 years ago, we have not only learnt to go about conflicts constructively and use them productively, we have also discovered that there is always more to discover... no matter how long and well you already think you know each other. With this change of consciousness, new colours and sounds, new lightness and joy have come into our relationship. This change has also been important for our three wonderful children, who we learn from and with every day, what is needed for a mindful togetherness.

I am happy and excited to guide couples of all ages and orientation on their path together and to provide them with new tools for their relationship adventure, which every now and again proves to be more challenging than was originally anticipated.