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Workshop: Getting the Love You Want

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love." Tom Robbins

When falling in love and entering a love relationship we hope for lasting happiness, connection, passion, joy, and contentment. Why does something that starts off so easy and promising turn so complicated eventually? How is it possible that despite our love for each other we often fail to leave conflict patterns, no matter how hard the two of us try? Have we chosen the wrong partner? Or is there perhaps some deeper meaning to our infatuation as well as our conflicts? How can relationships be long-lasting successful?

In the Imago couples workshop Getting the Love You Want we engage with questions like these in an internationally defined 20 hour program during a weekend. This workshop offers an overview of the Imago theory and practical exercises for couples in a safe environment. Thereby a way is shown how togetherness in a love relationship can be understood and deepened in order for each of you to get the love you need.

During the workshop talks are given, demonstrations held, couples practise the Imago tools etc. Even though you participate in this workshop with other couples you only talk to your partner about personal issues unless you volunteer to demonstrate an Imago-tool as a couple. It is not necessary for you to talk to other participants about your relationship.

If you have further questions to the workshop please contact me via phone or email, thank you!


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Please check the German version of this website for Couples Workshops held in German. If you are interested in an English Couples Workshop, please contact me via email. Thank you!



Depending on your financial possibilities you can choose to pay € 320 / € 350 / € 380 per person for the workshop; the costs include a workshop manual per participant;



Please register for an Imago couples workshop with the online-form below and only together with your partner and his/her explicit consent to the joint participation. After submitting your registration you will both separately receive a confirming email with further information.


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Conditions of registration:

Registrations for a couples workshop are done via the online-form and are binding.

After the receipt of the email confirming your registration please transfer the cost of the workshop on the account stated in the email. The order of the payment receipt decides about the allocation of places. After your payment is received on my account your workshop-place is confirmed. In case the workshop is already fully booked you will receive an email notifying you of the possibility to put your name on a waiting list. If a place becomes available your committed registration becomes active again, if the workshop stays fully booked you will receive a refund for the full cost of the workshop.

Until 3 weeks before the date of the booked workshop begin, you can cancel your participation free of charge and you will receive a full refund. If you cancel from 3 weeks before the start of the workshop a 70 Euro cancellation fee will be charged. For cancellations 1 week before the workshop begins the full cost will be charged with the exception of the event that a couple from the waiting list or a couple found by the couple cancelling will take their place. The cancellation regulations become effective with posting the online-registration.

Participation at the workshops is voluntary. With the registration you state that in and outside of the workshop you take full responsibility for yourself and your actions, follow suggestions of the workshop-presenter voluntarily, and do not claim liability in any way against the workshop-presenter or the lessor.

The documents and contents of the workshop are copyrighted by Imago Relationship International. You also state with your registration that you will use the documents received in the workshop for private use only and by no means professionally. In case you are under clinical-psychological, psychotherapeutic, or psychiatric treatment, please clarify your participation with the person treating you before your registration. An Imago Couple's Workshop is a training, not couple's therapy, and it does not replace medical or psychiatric treatment.