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For Families

"Essentially it is the connections with people that make life worthy." Wilhelm von Humboldt

Do you feel between you and a parent, an adolescent or already grown-up child, a brother, a sister or another family member there is something that should be talked about or clarified, but you don’t really know how? Past events, hurts stand between you and make it impossible to build a bridge towards each other? You want to talk but attempts to do so lead to silence or arguments, and ultimately to more distance?

Through dialogical Imago processes you learn to talk in a way that you can be heard as well as listen in a way that allows for more understanding and empathy, and you experience how it feels to really be heard and understood. Sessions take place with 2 people at a time, e.g. parent-child, brother-sister. If there is need the setting will be extended at a later stage.

Minimum age: 20 years

Cost: € 88,-  for 60 min. (a session lasts usually around 90 min.; quarter-hourly billing)