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For Singles

"Reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it." Byron Katie

Are you single and would like to understand patterns of past relationships, work through them and change such patterns for future relationships? Or do you currently live in a relationship and would like to work with yourself and your relationship more intensely and with therapeutic guidance but your partner doesn’t want to come with you?

In the course of 8 evenings people like you gather for 2 hours per evening to understand through Imago-processes in a self-exploring way why you fall in love with certain people, how you try to protect yourself from hurt in relationships, what this means for your relationship(s), and how your path towards a fulfilling relationship life could look.

Group size and dates: 8-10 people; each time 8(-10) people have registered for a group we jointly set 8 dates for our evening group meetings.

Cost: € 198,- per group and evening (135 min.) plus approx. € 50,- for the costs of a room;