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About Imago

"We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship." Harville Hendrix

The term Imago is of Latin origin and in Imago-theory describes an inner picture which is formed during childhood and influences in whom we fall in love. Especially influential characteristics of our primary caretakers, as well as aspects we have supressed in ourselves, flow into this picture. It is an exciting and instructive process to get to know your personal Imago as it makes you understand what and who we are looking for in a love relationship.

It is a core thesis of Imago-theory and -therapy that we enter love relationships for the purpose of restaging our childhood wounds in order to grow and heal together. To understand and empathise with the inner child in us and in our partner/vis-à-vis is an integral part of therapeutically guided relationship work. Why do we get so frustrated about certain things which don’t bother others at all? How come we can be deeply hurt about something someone else can easily brush off? Which needs lie beneath our tender spots, and where does our vulnerability come from? How can we work on our blind spots, communicate our needs, not continue to fight parts we have supressed in ourselves in others, and create a safe, healing and nurturing relationship space?

Imago gets to the bottom of questions like these. In an Imago-therapy we try to understand the inner child and his/her ways of protecting against the background of the possibilities of reflection and decision of an adult and choose more conscious paths. The main condition for this is the commitment to work with oneself and one’s relationship. Structured processes like the Imago dialogue invite us to walk over an imaginary bridge into the world oft he other to learn to perceive and understand its nature and history. Through such visits to each other, the common relationship space becomes more sensitive and safer, our perception from each other more conscious and truthful, and the flow of energy between us connects more dynamically.

Imago-theory explains plausibly why long-term relationships are not easy and shows the potential for lasting joy and happiness lies within the complexity of relationships. Imago-therapy supports you with the unfolding of this potential.


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